Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Yesterday’s Ropes Course was, in a word, awesome!  Yes, the students had a great time being outdoors and climbing, but from a teacher perspective, the cooperation, encouragement and leadership was overflowing in both groups.  It was impressive to see everyone, and I mean everyone, being so supportive of one another.  I then reiterated that they don’t need a trip to demonstrate it every day.  I hope the lessons learned, beyond challenging oneself, will carry onward through the year and beyond.  Thank you again to the parents who joined us.  Have a look at the photos below if you haven’t already.

My favourite company, Life is Good, is hosting it’s annual t-shirt design contest. Contestants are to show in graphic form, on a t-shirt template, what makes life good to them.  While there are prizes for the top entries, Life is Good will donate $1 for every entry to children’s charities.  More info on the contest is located here.  In the meantime, your child will have to bring home his/her design and have you fill in the back page.  You may enter your child’s design and form via the LIG website; via Instagram if you have an account; or I can do it for you at the school.  Regardless, you need to complete the entry form and sign it, and you need to return the artwork to the school so I can assess it.  Contact me if you have any questions.

Happy weekend!


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