Students of the Week

We start April off with not one, not two but three…THREE Students of the Week (insert the Count’s laugh)!!

Looking back on the wonderful cooperation I saw at Gesstwood, I asked the two leaders who stood out in their mind.  The first leader (Bethany?  Tall one, wore sunglasses…help me out!) singled out Paige as being a “quiet, positive spirit” who encouraged others, led by example, and challenged herself to do the high ropes on a second attempt.

The other leader (name?) selected Calvin, mainly for his encouragement of one student during the high ropes climb, and ensuring that that same student felt included in the activities being done by bringing him closer to the group.  Love to see that inclusiveness, Calvin!

I, personally, was impressed by the stellar leadership and communication from Hannah.  She was instrumental in getting her group to walk the A-frame (Bob?) from one side to the other; and in devising strategies for getting everyone on the the “islands” during the rope swing.

While I was impressed with everyone on that day, these three should be commended for their outstanding leadership and cooperation, which is what Ropes is all about.  Leave your supportive comments for them here.