Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

On the heels of the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge, the students took some time this week to research a fallen soldier from that battle.  They started by looking up a Canadian soldier on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website.  They then took that name to the Canadian Library and Archives website to find their soldier’s military service record.  It was interesting to watch their reactions as the person behind the casualty was revealed.  Several were surprised to see how young they were, and I sensed many began to connect with the man they were researching (which was the whole point).  We also watched a documentary about 40+ soldiers from Vimy whose remains were never found.  I’m glad that they were able to see the human side of war and, hopefully, develop a deeper meaning about their sacrifice.  We’ll continue into next week consolidating our data and making plans for how to take their messages with me to France this summer.  (See last week’s Digest if you’re not sure what I mean about that.)

Next Friday is our trip to Adventure Bay.  I’ve had several parents volunteer to chaperone, which is appreciated.  I’ll send confirmation messages to those parents via Dojo early next week.  In preparation for the day, students obviously need a swim suit that would be conservative or acceptable for school.  Keep in mind, however, that the students will be dealing with rushing water and “wardrobe malfunctions” can happen.  So, ensuring that suits are firmly fastened will ensure no embarrassing moments.  Towels, plastic bags for wet clothes ,and a lock to secure valuables complete the necessities for the trip.  I’ll leave lunch up to the students.  The concession stand will be open but like last year, the lines and wait time will be long.  Bringing their own lunch is encouraged to avoid missing out on the fun or going hungry.  Students cannot bring outside food into the water park, but it can be eaten in the lobby areas or, possibly, one of the rental rooms upstairs (still awaiting word on that).  We leave at 9 and return before the dismissal bell.

Looking ahead, we’ll wrap up measurement this week with a unit test on volume and area.  Then it’s back to number sense with decimals, fractions, ratio, percent, etc.  Social studies will take the form of a research assignment to discover the Canadian identity (coupled with a cross-curricular biographical study of great Canadians in literacy).  Electricity in science will bring us into early May and, very soon, we’ll begin Survivor – Mepham style in PHE.  Lots to look forward to in the home stretch to June!

Enjoy the four day weekend (assuming you’ve got one)!  By the way, Saturday is your final day to order spirit wear so get yours before it’s too late!