Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

With three field trips on the horizon in June (Point Pelee – 1st; airport 6th; Gesstwood/VIP 16th), I’m going to send home all three forms at the same time, likely next week, so that all can be signed simultaneously.  Only one will require any money, which is the airport trip, and there will be an option to pay online.  As always, you’re welcome to join us; just indicate your interest by signing the bottom portion of the permission form for the trip(s) you wish to attend.

I’m still waiting on about a half dozen VIP volunteer hours forms.  At least one hour is required to participate in the VIP day camp at Gesstwood.  The hold up is also delaying my announcement of the winner of the bicycle so getting those in right away is requested.  Thank you.

EQAO is just two weeks away.  We’ve designated the first two periods on these dates for testing:  May 24-26; 30-31; and June 2.  To ensure a smooth administration of the test, it’s important that students be on time and focused (encourage breakfast before leaving home).  If your child is away, we have make-up dates planned but we’d prefer that everyone write at the same time as distractions will be at a minimum.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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