Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

EQAO is set to start next week.  Again, our testing dates are the 24-26, 29-30 and June 2, and will be during the first two periods of each day.  To limit interruptions and avoid playing catch up, please ensure your child is at school ahead of the morning bell.  Thank you.  Yesterday, I distributed a package of review notes that students should remember heading into the testing period (credit to Mrs. Dobson who put it together).  While it’s not homework, students won’t have these references available to them during the test; thus, I’ve encouraged them to review the concepts, even briefly, on a nightly basis to allow it all to sink in.  Some of these concepts date back to the fall and it may be harder to remember those things.  Starting the day right with a nutritious breakfast will help with concentration during the test, and students are welcome to bring a calculator for the math components (though we have plenty in the school).

As I’d indicated via Dojo, a handful of permission forms went home yesterday.  Please keep these together and return them by Friday.  You can check your Dojo message for special instructions regarding payment and chaperones.

Tick season is in full swing, which should be kept in mind for these outdoor trips.  Long sleeves and pants, repellent with deet, and ankle socks are good  measures for prevention.  Avoiding wild, wooded areas is also key.  We will be using high traffic areas at Point Pelee and Gesstwood so I don’t foresee any issues.  Please don’t let ticks be a reason why your child wouldn’t attend.  Again, prevention will ease the mind.  All of these excursions should be wonderful experiences.

Enjoy the long weekend!


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