Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We’re halfway home for EQAO.  So far, the reception has been positive in terms of level of difficulty.  Our testing days next week are Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, again during the first two periods of the day.

As I’d mentioned in the May newsletter, we’ll begin our health unit on Monday.  Despite the controversy that surrounded changes to the Health Curriculum last year, the sexual health component is relatively tame in grade six.  The main focus will be on self-concept/identity, stereotypes relating the race, gender, sexual orientation; and building healthy relationships with others (which includes things like dating and romance).  I’ll start the unit reviewing puberty, which would have been the focus of the grade five curriculum.  I’m informing you now so that if it should lead to further discussion at home, you’re prepared for those conversations.

On Thursday, all classes from grades 5-8 will be traveling to Point Pelee for the day.  Remember to send sun screen!  A small lunch, in the form of pizza and water, will be provided.  Students are encouraged to supplement that meal with snacks from home, and additional water would be a good idea.  Portable sports equipment for break time is also welcome (ie. football).  As I’d mentioned last week, tick season is in full swing but the areas we’ll be venturing through will be well-traveled and I don’t foresee any issues.  Preventive measures include long pants and repellent containing DEET.  There is a gift shop on site but I’m not sure if we’ll have access to it due to numbers; students may bring some money in the event they’re able to purchase something.  I’m still in need of at least one more chaperone for this trip.  Please contact me if you’re available to attend.  Thanks.

Enjoy your weekend!


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