Homework for Thursday June 8th


  • VIP community hours sheets overdue:  Caleb, Gavin, Lucas, Rebeka.
  • Email information slip due:  Lucas, Caleb, Charlie, Alysha, Rebeka
  • PA Day on Fri.
  • Email address slip returned asap (youngest and only)


  • Word Study:  List 17 pretest on Mon.; Your Notebook #3-4 + back page #6-9 due Mon.
  • Reading:  novel study project due Mon. (some are already finished)
  • Social Studies:  lapbook due Wed.
  • PHE:  Mon. & Thurs.

Question of the Day:  On a scale of 1-10, how how challenging has this school year been? (1 being easy, 10 being difficult.)  Feel free to add any comments with your rating; likes/dislikes, easy vs. hard things, etc.


One thought on “Homework for Thursday June 8th

  1. Priya June 11, 2017 / 3:44 pm

    There has been some CHALLENGING times of the year and some that have been easier, overall, I’d give this year a 3.

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