Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The students get an extra day off but some still have work to do.  I had to front load some word study due to the missed Friday, and a handful have a reading project due on Monday.  A social studies project due date looms next week too, so there are things to keep your child busy, potentially.

While your child is snoozing on Friday morning, I’ll be tapping away at his/her report card.  There is still plenty of assessment to be done; this day allows us to make a dent in the long process that is creating a report card.  One myth I’d like to dispel right away is the up and down of grades.  Keep in mind that this report card represents student performance from February to the present and is based on what we learned in that time.  You can compare your child’s first term grades to the second term but you’re comparing apples to oranges.  If your child’s mark in a particular subject (eg. social studies) or strand (eg. measurement) went up or down, it doesn’t mean he/she is getting better or worse; the mark is based on how the student performed on that content from the curriculum.  A lower reading mark doesn’t mean your child’s reading has worsened; it’s merely a reflection of the work we did in that term.  Likewise, a higher mark in Data Management and Probability might imply that a student fared better with probability in term two, than graphing and data in term one.  It’s not like an assembly line where the process and product is the same.  It’s more like a sports game; some players have stellar nights, but flop the next time out (and vice versa).  Tune in next week when I talk about the assessment process and determining a final grade.

Tuesday’s trip to the airport was very informative.  The hosts commented on how polite the students were, and noted the many questions they had.  Next Friday is our VIP trip to Gesstwood Camp.  This will be different from the camp experience we had back in March.  Students are reminded to bring sun screen, bug repellent, water, and bathing suit/towel (a plastic bag for wet clothing is a good idea too).

Finally, we honoured Alysha as the winner of the bicycle for VIP.  She logged well over 30 volunteer hours in earning the sweet set of wheels (which happened to be decked out with school colours).  Super job, Alysha!

If you’re counting, there are only 14 school days left…


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