Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Next week promises to be a busy one!  We’ll get started with Monday’s pot luck.  Due to virtually no space in our fridges at school, it would be best if items needing refrigeration or heating be dropped off (any time after 11:45).  Otherwise, consider a cooler or crock pot if sending items in the morning.  Please ensure you label your containers and utensils so they are returned.  Pre-portioning items is requested to save time and the hunt for knives and spatulas.  We have 22 students in the class but don’t feel the need to bring 22 portions; there should be a lot of food and, as I recall, our last pot luck had far too many leftovers.  I’ll send out a reminder message about the pot luck on Sunday.

On Tuesday, we’ll take a walk over to Sadler’s Pond for a picnic lunch and some outdoor fun and games.  The weather looks favourable so far.  On the way back, we’ll pop into Ice Cool Treats for some ice cream before returning to the school to call it a day.

Thursday, the last day of school, is our final assembly of the year.  This tends to be a long one but you’re welcome to join us if you’re free.  It starts at 8:45.  Thursday is also when your child will meet his/her grade seven teacher, and receive the final report card.

Today, I announced Reagan as our final Student of the Month recipient (for perseverance).  Since there’s no forthcoming newsletter it seems best to share that here.  Reagan has consistently been one of those hard workers who plugs away at her own pace.  She rarely shows signs of frustration and challenges herself to work through obstacles.  This was evident as recently as Monday when, during a math activity, she quietly worked her way through the problem, while others became frustrated and begged for hints.  The smile on her face when she finally reached the solution was priceless.  Super job, Reagan!

Stay tuned for one final Weekly Digest next week!



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