Final Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Well here we are, the end of the road…this road, that is.  And what a journey it has been.  I’ll look back on this year with a lot of fond memories:  someone poking fun at my number 8; words like “mango”, “pinch” and “penguin”, and phrases like “That’s not fair!”  I’ll remember unusually loud nutrition and lunch breaks; a record number of field trips (14!); and a plethora of laughs, jokes and, on a couple of occasions, tears.  But what I’ll remember most is the cohesiveness of this group, and the caring, comforting atmosphere that we all created.  There was a genuine vibe in this group that I’ve never seen before and, for me, that’s the most difficult thing to see go.  Alas, as the adage goes, “all good things must come to an end“.   I hope your child will look back on grade six with fond memories and, hopefully, an understanding that he/she became a better learner.  It doesn’t always show on the report card, but true learning doesn’t need a letter grade in the first place.

Speaking of grades, your child will bring home his/her final report card today.  Focus mainly on the first page.  Grades are just that.  Learning skills are the tools we use repeatedly and those, in my opinion, weigh more than any A+ or D-.  You’ll also find your child’s Class Dojo report for the term, which I hope will allow you both to focus on needs heading into next year.

As your look ahead at the summer months, consider looking at some of the deals offered by Attractions Ontario or the  Ontario Fun Pass.  These will give you some discounts on summer attractions throughout the province.  With this being Canada’s 150th birthday, consider soaking up some history too.  Remember, all national parks, including historic sites like Fort Malden, are free.  Whatever your adventure, enjoy it all!

All the best!  Mepham signing off…


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