Homework for Tuesday January 30th


  • Sweater Day on Thurs.
  • Cultural Day on Wed.


  • Word Study:  List 9 test on Fri.; Greek & Latin Roots page due Wed.
  • Science:  Project research on-going (NASA link).
  • PHE:  Wed. & Thurs.

Question of the Day:  A prankster recently left signs around a middle school in the UK that had some very interesting ideas.  Have a look at the signs here, and tell me which would be your top three.  (I personally like the sword fight idea…)

Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Our magazine project continues to roll along.  Many students have finished their first drafts and are working on revisions based on feedback I’ve given them.  After this, they will bring an updated copy home to you for checking.  Attached will be a parent revision sheet where you can assess their writing too, and provide any last minute feedback that will make your child’s writing that much better.  (I figure you were likely around when these moments took place so you’re a great source for those added details.)  Three students have already reached the “parent feedback stage” but I hope the rest will get there by this time next week.  After the final revisions have been made, then the project turns to me and the layout process begins.

Report cards are in the finishing stages and are set to go home on Monday February 12th; interviews will follow on Thursday the 16th.  Yesterday, instructions on how to reserve an interview time were sent home.  Use your child’s student id to register and select an appointment time.

Looking ahead in math, we’re about to examine whole vs. part when it comes to numbers.  This involves concepts such as decimals, fractions, ratio, etc.  Since this can get rather complicated, I encourage you to talk math with you child, look at examples of part vs. whole in the real world.  Just engaging in conversation about what he/she is learning helps solidify their understanding.

Enjoy your weekend!