Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Here we are, month two of 2018 already!  Scroll down a couple of posts to see both the class and school newsletters for the month of February.

6M is piloting a greener initiative this month by getting rid of our garbage can!  In order to reduce waste and help work toward the school reaching the gold standard for Eco Schools, we thought we’d see how easy it would be to limit our trash.  Students are encouraged to limit their trash by bringing re-useable or recyclable containers.  Left-over foods can return home in the same containers they came in.  Trickier items, such as apple cores or banana peels can go in a sandwich bag, or empty reusable container.  I core my apples and slice them before bringing them to school; a little lemon juice sprinkled over the slices keeps it from going brown.  Thank you for your support with this.  Perhaps our initiative will get the remaining classes to follow suit in the months to come!

About one third of the class has completed their revisions for the memoirs.  If your child is one of them, they will bring both writing pieces to you with a note and checklist for you to fill out.  Ideally, if these could be ready for Tuesday, it would help keep things on track.

A reminder about booking interviews online; I sent you all a copy of the instructions through Dojo.  If Thursday the 15th is inconvenient, contact me about arranging another time (mornings are ideal but after school could work too), or we could have a conversation on the phone.

Enjoy your “super” weekend.