Homework for Wednesday February 14th


  • Pizza orders due February 21
  • Harvest Fresh due Thurs.
  • Reminder about online booking for interviews
  • p.3/4 + report card envelope due by Thurs.
  • Wear Canada colours throughout the Olympics.


  • Word Study: List 10 test on Thurs.
  • Reading:  start gathering board game materials
  • Math:  Add/Sub Decimals #21-34 due Thurs.
  • Science:  Projects are due next week.
  • PHE:  Wed. & Thurs.

Question of the Day:  Is it fair when Olympic sports are judged by other people?  In many sports, the athlete(s)’ performance determines the outcome (ex. you score the goal, you luge/skate the fastest, etc.) but other sports (ex. Ski jumping, figure skating) are judged, which puts the result in judges’ hands.