Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

EQAO testing will begin next week.  Specifically, our testing days are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (and the same days next week) during the first two periods of the morning.  It is critical that your child be on time and ready to write.  Please avoid scheduling appointments during this time as the test needs to be written in a particular order.  As I’d mentioned last week, encourage breakfast so the body and mind is fueled for the day ahead.

Science tests were returned this week and I was surprised by the results.  We played a game of Kahoot!, which had a number of the test questions on it, and I even told them to study the classification flow chart as it would be on the test and worth half the available marks.  Continue to check in on your child’s Student Profile on Dojo where I’ve been posting samples of work.  This will keep you informed as we get closer to the end of the year.

We finished our novel study of Gordon Korman’s “Island” trilogy yesterday.  Students will follow up with a bedroom design based on a chosen character.  Those choosing to build a model instead of drawing need to gather materials over the weekend and have them here on Tuesday.  No part of the project should be made at home as this is an in-class activity only.

Looking ahead, an interesting exhibit is coming to Windsor at the end of the month called The Compassion Experience.  It gives Canadians a look and what living in the developing world is like, and would probably put our own lives in perspective.  Admission is free.  Click this link to learn more, or if you wish to attend.

Enjoy the long weekend.  The next holiday will be summer…

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