Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We’re at the halfway point of EQAO, with two language tasks and one math done.  Next week will be identical for both the testing days (W, T, F) and the remaining tasks.  I’ve not heard much in terms of complaints so far, and in the brief discussions we’ve had, students seem to be managing on their own.  Since teachers are unable to assist, we can only hope that each student is applying his/her best regardless of the challenge.

It looks like the heat is here to stay.  Please have your child bring a refillable water bottle to remain hydrated throughout the day.  Sun screen and hats are also encouraged for recess breaks.

We’ve also been asked to remind the students about dress code at the school.  Details can be found on pages 8-9 of the agenda, but in short, these are the key elements we sometimes have to call a student on:  no flip flops; sandals should have a back strap; shoulder straps should be three fingers wide; and shorts/skirts should be past the end of the thumb when arms are at the side.  I gave casual warnings to a few students today about short clothing.  Your assistance in supporting this is appreciated.

Next Wednesday, we take a short trip to Harrow to visit the OPP detachment.  Students will be given a tour of the station and enjoy a hot dog lunch courtesy of Constable McKinnon.  As a heads up, our VIP Fun Day, to be held at Gesstwood Camp, is scheduled for June 15.  Please consider joining us for a fun filled day!

Have a great weekend!

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