Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Here we are, the home stretch.  Just nine school days to go but the learning continues.  Students are in the midst of a graphic design project about math.  They’ve chosen a topic to show how much math is involved with that topic.  Looking forward to the finished product!

Next Wednesday is our trip to Adventure Bay.  Students will need the usual things for going swimming but a lock is highly recommended to secure belongings.  Since outside food cannot be brought in, students should bring money to purchase a lunch.  Electronics can stay behind as they’re not needed, and they’re at risk of being damaged or stolen.

A while ago, I sent home some information to several families about a summer learning program being offered at Essex.  It’s a new program designed to hone language and math skills, and I’m aware the some of you have already registered your child.  The deadline has been extended to allow for more registrants.  To those who are on the fence about it, or would like more information, visit this link to learn more.  Feel free to contact me as well.

Our Jump Rope For Heart goal of $350 fell about $125 short but it was still a worthy donation.  Congratulations to Owen, Lisette and Dylan for securing some prizes for their efforts.

Report cards are beginning to take shape, but I don’t expect any surprises for you if you’ve staying in tune with the Reminder Binder and the more recent postings on your child’s Dojo wall.  One myth I’d like to dispel right away is the up and down of grades.  Keep in mind that this report card represents student performance from February to the present and is based on what we learned in that time.  You can compare your child’s first term grades to the second term but you’re comparing apples to oranges.  If your child’s mark in a particular subject (eg. social studies) or strand (eg. measurement) went up or down, it doesn’t mean he/she is getting better or worse; the mark is based on how the student performed on that content from the curriculum.  A lower reading mark doesn’t mean your child’s reading has worsened; it’s merely a reflection of the work we did in that term.  Likewise, a higher mark in Data Management and Probability might imply that a student fared better with probability in term two, than graphing and data in term one.  It’s not like an assembly line where the process and product is the same.  It’s more like a sports game; some players have stellar nights, but flop the next time out (and vice versa).  Tune in next week when I talk about the assessment process and determining a final grade.

Bit by bit, students will start bringing home materials from school that are no longer needed.  This will alleviate a heavy school bag on the last day of school.  What students do with it at that point is entirely up to them (I just don’t like seeing months of work dropped into the classroom recycle bin.)

Enjoy the sweltering weekend that lies ahead!


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