Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Next week promises to be a busy one!  As indicated on Dojo, we’ve scheduled a class pot luck for Wednesday.  See the sign up poster and discuss options with your child(ren).  Message me, or send the info with your child next week, but the sooner the better.  Due to virtually no space in our fridges at school, it would be best if items needing refrigeration or heating be dropped off (any time after 11:45).  Otherwise, consider a cooler or crock pot if sending items in the morning.  Please ensure you label your containers and utensils so they are returned.  Pre-portioning items is requested to save time and the hunt for knives and spatulas.  We have 30 students in the class but don’t feel the need to bring 30 portions; there should be a lot of food and, as I recall, our last pot luck had far too many leftovers.  I’ll send out a reminder message about the pot luck on Monday.

Thursday, the last day of school, is our final assembly of the year.  This tends to be a long one but you’re welcome to join us if you’re free.  It starts at 8:45.  Thursday is also when your child will meet his/her grade seven teacher, and receive the final report card.

Speaking of report cards, last week I explained the nature of grades; this week, it’s about how the grades are determined.  Know that the assessment process is multifaceted.  You may only see grades on tests, quizzes and rubrics but things like observation, experiments, anecdotal notes, class presentations, participation/discussion, and group work are all a part of the overall grade; things you don’t see because you’re not in the classroom.  Typically, all the students are ever interested in is the letter grade and whether they went up or down.  This is the wrong way of looking at it.  Sadly, we’re too focused on grades rather than the learning journey it takes to get good ones.  If students make the most of each learning moment, then the grades will come with it.  It’s all about changing one’s mindset.  I hope this is useful in preparing you for the final report card.

On Monday, I announced Meaghan as our final Student of the Month recipient (for perseverance).  Since there’s no forthcoming newsletter it seems best to share that here.  Meaghan has shown perseverance not only this month, but since early in the spring.  Her work habits changed for the better and in many respects, so did her performance.  Gone are the days of “I don’t get it” and she seems much more confident and determined.  Super job, Meaghan, carry that momentum into grade seven!

Stay tuned for one final Weekly Digest next week!

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