Book Review

Here is where you will write your Book Review.  Be sure it has the four necessary parts:

  • Catchy introduction
  • Brief summary that doesn’t give the ending away
  • Your opinion of the book
  • Concluding statement

Remember, the WHOLE WIDE WORLD could be reading your review, so be PROUD of your efforts!


Extra Auction Points?

Are you looking for some extra auction points?  How about making a book recommendation on the blog?  Of the books you’ve read this year, any that you have scored 8, 9, or 10 out of 10 is worthy.  Go the the Book Recommendations category, read the instructions on how to do one, and add your submission.

Any book recommendations that meet the criteria shown in the instructions will get your auction points.  Do one each month and you can get more auction points each month.  Sound good?

WANTED: Book Recommendations

6Me Students,

When you finish a novel that you really enjoyed, I’d like you to make a recommendation here.  Just click “Leave a comment”, add your first name as last initial only (no email address or website needed) and type up the following:

Book title
Brief summary of what the book is about
Thoughts and opinions on why you’d recommend it

This would be a great place to share ideas about some of the incredible books we’ve read this year.  Who will have the most recommendations by June?  Hmmm…