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Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Not much to share after a week off and a shortened week here.  The magazine is coming along as I chip away at it day by day.  With any luck, I’ll have it ready for the printers in early April.  Currently in writing, we’ve been working on narratives.  Students created their first drafts today and will revise and publish next week.

In science, we’ve started our unit on biodiversity.  This unit will culminate with a trip to Fighting Island on Friday April 27th.  Students will get a first hand look at life in the wild and study different plants and organisms.  I’m telling you now so that, if you’d like to join us, you can make arrangements to be available (I’ll need at least two chaperones).  We will leave and return within the school day.  Stay tuned for further details.

Enjoy the weekend!

Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

March Break is looming…the year is moving that fast!  Much like we did in December, I’ll attempt to wrap up particular units before the break so we can start fresh upon return.  In the meantime…

Students have a quiz about decimals on Monday.  Practise sheets have been posted on the blog all week long for those wanting to hone their skills.  Next week, we’ll tie together probability and fractions, since they’re directly related anyway.  As a side dish in math, we’ve also been exploring the nature of word problems and how to extract only the necessary information to solve them.

Students have (hopefully) wrapped up their science projects about outer space/astronomy, and presentations from partnerships began today.  Those who we didn’t get to have the weekend for some additional preparation, if needed.

In writing, the last of the memoirs have come in so I will begin the magazine layout and chip away at it over time.  Please send along any photos before it’s too late to get them in the publication.  Presently, I have four baby photos, but would like double that or more.  Please get them to me in the coming days if you wish to have your child be a part of that feature.  We’ll now turn out attention to narrative writing, which gives the students more creative control of their story lines.

Lastly, our experiment with no garbage can has been reasonably positive.  In hindsight, I’m realizing that we’re not necessarily creating less garbage; it’s merely the same amount going somewhere else.  So, as I look ahead to the end of the month, I’m torn on whether to continue.  Stay tuned!  As for our eating time in the class, I’ve noticed a spike in students not being finished when the bell rings.  I’ll agree that 20 minutes, after shedding winter gear, is short but I’m encouraging students to talk less and eat more.  Perhaps dividing the lunch items evenly over the two breaks would be a better way to go.  Ultimately, we want to be finished and ready for learning when 1:15 hits.

Have a great weekend!