Dive Trailers


DIVEing Out of Book One

Read the information below and answer the questions in order and in sentence form.  These are thinking questions so make sure your answers are clear and developed (include things like “because statements” and examples.  I’ve listed some character names and terms from the book that you might need help with; use them for reference.

Characters:  Kaz, Adriana, Dante, Star, English, Capt. Vanover, Tad Cutter, Dr. Gallagher, Marina, Chris Reardon, “Clarence” [also Samuel Higgins, James Blade, Evans, York, The Griffin]
Setting:  Cote St. Luc, Hidden Shoals, Caribbean Sea, Poseidon Oceanographic Institute

  1. What do you think of the story so far?  (Likes, dislikes, reasons why)
  2. Predict what you think might happen at the start of book two*; be sure to support your predictions with your own thinking and details from the text.
    *only for the beginning of the next book, not the entire story to it’s very end.  Use what you know and think about what the next event in the book is going to involve.
  3. Who is your favourite character in the story at this point and why?

Remember, the whole world can see your answers (once approved) so be sure to write in clear, complete sentences.  Explaining your thinking is a critical skill we’re working on this year!

Book vs. Movie

Write a persuasive piece regarding the movie, “The Secret of NIMH”, and the book, “Mrs. Frisby & the Rats of NIMH”.  Choose what you think are the three most significant differences between the two.  Defend your point with an explanation as to why you think your chosen three differences are the most significant.

DIVE: A Book Review

In the Comments section, write your book review of the Dive trilogy.  Your review should have the following:

  1. Introduction (catchy opening, introduce the author and title)
  2. Summary (briefly retell what the story is about without giving away too much…just enough to tempt the reader)
  3. Opinion (share your impression of the story, likes/dislikes, etc.)
  4. Judgment (conclude your review with a closing statement and indicate if it’s a good/not good book and whether you’d recommend it)

Refer to the anchor chart at the front of the room as your work your way through your review.  Remember to use proper sentence structure and punctuation.  The whole world (along with your parents) will be able to read your work so make sure it’s top notch.

Your review won’t be visible until I have approved it.