Student of the Week

Put your hands together for Lisette, our newest SOTW winner!  Lisette’s participation was up last week; she was among the leaders in Dojo points; and she spent some recess time finishing her word study, which helped improve her mark from the last test.  Great effort, Lisette!

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Student of the Week

Nathan is our newest SOTW!  Nathan participated well in class last week (even remembered the word “aeronautics” in science), and he scored well on the math quiz.  However, what cinched it for him was his willingness to relocate his seat (away from a friend) so that another student could be closer to the front.  What a wonderful show of kindness, Nathan!

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Student of the Week

Our third SOTW is our first boy to win the award:  Mitchell (aka Gus).  Mitch has been a quiet, productive worker since the school year started.  He has been a busy reader, grabbing his book whenever he’s done his work ahead of time.  Mitch was also tied with a few others for most points in Dojo for the week.  Great start!

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Student of the Week

Lydia gets the nod as our second SOTW of the year.  Lydia led the class in Dojo points over the week with 24, and she has been very efficient with her work time.  When she’s done, she quickly resorts to reading and shows great independence.  A super start, Lydia!  (Unrelated to 6M, Lydia also popped in three goals over two soccer games this week!)

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Student of the Week

Our first Student of the Week award goes to Grace V.!  Grace had a very positive start to the school year: she was an active participant when questions were being asked; she used her time well when working independently; and she had a very well-developed answer to the hurricane question in her Writer’s Notebook.  A great start to grade six, Grace!

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Students of the Week

The two final SOTW recipients are Tia and Hannah!  Both ladies were the only two who finished the entire second term with a perfect 100% in Class Dojo.  Although many students were in the high nineties (eight, to be exact), it’s pretty impressive when a Dojo report is that flawless; you can’t do much better than 100%.  Well done, ladies!

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