Student of the Week

Keira secures the final SOTW award of the year, being only the second student to get three this year.  She led the way with her puzzle idea for Mrs. Meloche’s going away gift, and she showed the initiative to get the process started with sketching out the design.  That’s some fine, creative talent you have, Keira!

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Student of the Week

Put your hands together for Sean as our latest (and second-to-last) SOTW winner!  In addition to having a flawless Dojo report, Sean was the first to figure out how to make a simple circuit in science class, and he had his best word study performance on List 17.  Solid way to end the year, Sean!

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Student of the Week

Lydia is the first to score three SOTW awards, this recent one coming from Ms. Sabelli.  During my absence, Ms. Sabelli noted that “Lydia tried to be an example for her classmates; she followed everything to a tee, and was a leader in discussions and or provided answers when we took up and corrected worksheets”.  Super job, Lydia!

Honourable mentions go to Meaghan and Marlie for being helpful!

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Student of the Week

Mitch gets his second SOTW award of the year for a stellar week!  He led the way in Dojo points at 17, used his independent work time very well throughout EQAO, and had a peak in participation.  Glad to see you’re staying strong in the final weeks of the year, Mitch!

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Student of the Week

Growth mindset was the reason behind Meaghan’s selection as SOTW!  On Wednesday during a recess break, I challenged Meg to land a three-point shot on the basketball net.  She missed on the first attempt, and again on the second…but she kept at it until she nailed it – on the fifth try.  After that, she continued to take shot after shot.  Proof again that a little persistence pays off.  Beyond that, Meaghan has used her social studies time very well, and she had a 100% week in Dojo.  Well done, Megs!

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Student of the Week

Consistent academic performance is why Owen gets his second SOTW of the year!  Owen scored well on his word study test and his science test; plus he was among a handful of students who aced the Math4Today test on Friday.  Super job, Owen!

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