Student of the Week

For showing improvement in the second half of the week, Elijah earns the SOTW award.  He used his class time well Wednesday through Friday, got his word study homework finished, and Mr. Harris commented on how well he did on his music test.  A step in the right direction, Elijah!

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Student of the Week

Tia picks up SOTW honours for coming out to support her classmates at the track meet on Wednesday.  Even though she was unable to participate due to injury, and could have stayed home to relax, she showed up anyway to cheer her peers on.  In addition, Tia was among a handful of students with 100% on Dojo, she has been taking all kinds of notes for our read aloud, and she had a strong performance on the word study test.  Well done, Tia!

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Student of the Week

For her insightful contributions to our health discussion on Friday, I’m awarding SOTW to Alysha, who had some very powerful things to say and share about the dangers of drugs and substance abuse.  Well said, Alysha!

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Student of the Week

Rebeka gets the nod for SOTW this time!  She did an excellent job for the skipping team; was helpful to Brayden while catching him up in science; and she showed kindness in laying out everyone’s art work to make it easier to find at the carpet.  Super job, Rebeka!

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Students of the Week

Two SOTW winners this time around, both for single yet important reasons.  SOTW #1 is Brayden!  During our surprise fire alarm on Wednesday, he was a model student when it came to following expectations.  He was the only one to remain in one place and focus on his job, which is to stand in line and await further instructions.  Great job, Brayden.  I hope others will follow your lead in future fire drills.

The second SOTW award goes to Jenna for kindness.  Jenna voluntarily gave up her slushy drink to Austin when his was spilled and he was left without any at Adventure Bay.  It brought a smile to an otherwise disappointed student.  Exceptional compassion there, Jenna!

Student of the Week

Picking up his second SOTW award of the year is Reece.  Reece tied for first with 11 Dojo points over the week; was the most focused boy on the “boys’ side” of the seating plan until it was rearranged; and he got a compliment from Austin for being so helpful with him.  All in all, a good week, Reece!

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Student of the Week

Payton picks up her second SOTW award of the year!  Some good responses in reading and science, plus a slight spike in participation are reasons for her selection.  Payton is a consistent 100% performer in Class Dojo too, and was 4th in points for the week.  Even though she picks on me (a lot), she certainly earned it this week.  Well done, Payton!

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